Ukraine tries to maintain business as usual

The medical supply chain in Ukraine has been severely thrown into disarray because of the Russian military invasion. One of their biggest problems is a shortage of medicines, medical devices and food products. The list of Ukraine’s medical device and medicine needs has been updated by the government. 

In this context, the ministry has asked health care products regulatory consultancy, Cratia, to provide assistance. Cratia proposes reviewing new acts that are intended to facilitate the supply of medical and medicinal products and are giving translation assistance, preparing and conducting analysis of documents and doing some product submissions. Most of the fourteen conformity assessment bodies in Ukraine are accepting documents and are working as well.

For interested companies, there are currently several ways on how humanitarian aid can be conveyed across Ukraine’s borders.

Ukraine has set up Help Ukraine Centre in Poland which is a route the medical devices industry can use to transport humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The two other routes involve Cratia, using its contacts with the ministry of health and expertise on particular requirements. The third option is to use the main voluntary/charitable bodies in Ukraine, for example .

So far, there has been great support from international medical device companies, with many putting operations in Russia on hold, except for some mission-critical activities, including health care. Many companies have made substantial donations needed for health care. 

Source: Medtech Insight (an Informa product)