WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2012/19/EU imposes several obligations on producers of electric and electronic equipment, including electrical and electronic medical devices. The WEEE Directive has been designed to reduce the amount of electric and electronic waste and to ensure the environmentally sound take-back and recycling of these products.

Main requirements for manufacturers under WEEE

The manufacturer needs to:
1. Register with the national authorities;
2. Report to the authorities the number of products put on the market;
3. Arrange for take-back and recycling of the WEEE;
4. Label the product with the ‘crossed out wheeled bin’ logo;
5. Design the products in such a way that recycling is assured and made easy. The design has to be ‘recycling sound’.

mdi Europa has identified a service partner in order to support our clients with the first three of the above requirements. The fourth and fifth need to be taken care of by the manufacturer.

WEEE Compliance Process

  1. Appoint your European Authorized Representative
    → Ask for our quotation!
  2. Identify all EU Directives/Regulations applicable to your product (such as LVD, EMC etc.)
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  3. Assure that your product falls under the scope of WEEE
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  4. Define measures for separate collection of WEEE
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  5. Identify the applicable recovery rate for your product and define measures to comply 
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  6. Prepare necessary documentation as defined by WEEE Directive 
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